We Are Shifting Gears

We at Jasper Web Services have enjoyed working with each and every one of you. We've had some business, family, and lifestyle changes that preclude us from providing our amazing high level of service. Because we don't do ANYTHING unless we can do it first-class, we have decided to close Jasper Web Services.

  What Do You Do Now?

We will complete all contracts for existing, paid customers. Free customers with a signed contract will get all services outlined in their contract. If you are a free customer without a signed contract, you will have to find someone else to complete your project. We will continue to provide free domain space for existing Nonprofit customers, however we will no longer have the staff to maintain your sites once your contract ends, so please appoint a new webmaster as soon as possible.


Email your questions or comments to jasper@jasperwebhost.com or leave a message at 301-448-8645.

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